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Setting Up for Success at No Cost

Get our top staffing tools For Free. By leveraging these tools, our Onsite Manager will deliver effective staffing services. This means quicker candidate placements, efficient workforce management, and enhanced productivity, all without incurring any cost!

Major Web Recruiting Networks

Maximize your ability to connect with a wide array of potential candidates across these high-traffic platforms.

Top Job Seeker Hubs

Gain access to powerful networks that connect you with a vast pool of job seekers.

In Person and Internal Hiring Tools

Use our in-person events and eye-catching signage with our internal recruitment methods.

Let Ascend Staffing do the Work

Partner with us and experience the transformative power of having a dedicated onsite recruiter.

Ascend Staffing takes your recruitment process to the next level by providing a dedicated Full-Time Onsite Account/Recruiting Manager at absolutely no extra charge. This unique offering ensures that your company benefits from specialized, hands-on recruitment expertise, directly within your workplace.

Tailoring Solutions to your Needs

Innovative Onsite Management

Recruiting and securing top talent to ensure a perfect match for your unique needs.

Onboarding processes designed to integrate new hires smoothly and efficiently.

Orientation programs crafted to equip your new employees with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Time Keeping Systems implemented to optimize workforce management and establish compliance.

Designed to Elevate your Business

Our tailored onsite management services are designed to seamlessly integrate with your business, providing a comprehensive suite of solutions that address all aspects of staffing and recruitment.

Together, we redefine possible.

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