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How to Be a Good Leader When the Economy Is Uncertain

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

1. Get Close to Your Employees (But Not Too Close) Keep the lines of communication open with your employees. Connect with your workers and encourage them to come forward with any questions. If a worker is uncertain about their job or your company's ability to succeed in a tough economy, be prepared to address their concerns. Let workers approach you at their convenience. You can maintain an open-door policy, so workers can reach out to you when they choose. On the other hand, don't push too hard for your workers to share their questions and concerns. Give your workers the opportunity to come to you, and you may find they are more than willing to do so.

2. Be Proactive Look for ways to help your business succeed in a challenging economy. You can set up brainstorming sessions to identify ways to boost productivity. If an employee has a suggestion or recommendation, implement it. Then, you can track your progress and see if your company reaps the benefits of this suggestion or recommendation. If you try something at work and it does not work, do not stress about it. Although some ideas are better than others, it is important to do your best. If you put an idea into action but it fails to deliver your desired result, learn from it and move forward.

3. Show Your Employees You Care About Their Work-Life Balance If your workers are struggling to stay focused, offer help. You can provide your workers with mental health tools and resources to show them the benefits of taking time for themselves. Also, you can encourage your employees to use their vacation time so they can break away from the hustle and bustle of work. In addition, listen to your workers. If a worker wants to discuss a mental health issue and how it is impacting their on-the-job performance, support the employee. The economy can pose problems for different workers at different times. Yet, if you are accessible to workers, you can help them through these times. And, you can ensure these workers get the help they need to feel their best once again.

A Good Leader Is Vital in an Uncertain Economy Be the leader your employees deserve, every day, without exception. That way, you can help your workers in both good times and bad. Most importantly, your employees can feel confident in their roles and your business, to the point where they can thrive now and in the future. At Ascend Staffing, we can help you add leaders to your team. For more information, please get in touch with us today.


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