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How to Handle a Disgruntled Employee

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Here Are Five Tips to Help You Handle a Disgruntled Employee:

1. Maintain a Professional Approach A disgruntled worker may call you names, yell, shout, and do other things to rattle your cage. No matter what happens, try not to let a disgruntled employee get the best of you. When you deal with an unhappy worker, take a deep breath. Do everything you can to remain calm, cool, and composed. With this approach, you can avoid making a bad situation with an employee even worse.

2. Discuss Any Issues in Private If a disgruntled employee has an issue to discuss, let the worker do so in private. You can meet with an employee in an office or conference room. Here, you can give the employee the opportunity to say what's on their mind.

3. Document the Details of Any Conversations with a Disgruntled Employee Keep track of what happens when you discuss any issues with a disgruntled worker. This gives you information that may protect you and your business if the employee ultimately tries to sue your company down the line.

4. Offer Solutions Resist the urge to give a disgruntled employee exactly what he or she wants. Otherwise, doing so can empower the worker, to the point where he or she causes big problems for your business moving forward. Instead, work with the employee to brainstorm solutions to any problems. This may help you resolve problems with a disgruntled worker. At the same time, you may be able to boost employee satisfaction.

5. Accept the Fact That Your Employee Is Disgruntled Remember, there is only so much you can do to help a disgruntled worker. Despite your best efforts, an unhappy worker may never be satisfied with what you can offer. If you do your best to work with a disgruntled employee but cannot find a solution to their problem, accept the results of your actions. In this scenario, you've done everything you can to help the worker. And, there may be nothing more you can do to assist this employee.

The Bottom Line on How to Handle a Disgruntled Employee You may believe that all of your employees are happy with your business and their day-to-day work. But, you may have to deal with a disgruntled employee at some point. If a worker is unhappy, you can work with this individual to get to the root cause of their issue. You may find that you're able to find common ground with the worker and resolve the issue. Conversely, if you cannot, you should do what's in the best interest of the employee and your business.

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