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Intermountain Staffing is now Ascend Staffing

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

We are excited to announce the finalization of the name-change process, in which Intermountain Staffing became Ascend Staffing.

We want to go into why we changed our name to Ascend Staffing, as well as some helpful information about the name-change process as a whole.

Why did we change our name from Intermountain Staffing to Ascend Staffing?

Intermountain Staffing was founded in Utah, hence the name “Intermountain”. During our 50+ years in business, we grew tremendously, and are now in eight states other than Utah. In our locations outside the intermountain states, “Intermountain” did not fit, and conveyed the message that we were outsiders rather than local members of the community. ​Part of our growth took place via acquisitions, and because of their strong reputations, the firms we acquired kept their names and branding. While this was beneficial for name recognition in their respective areas, having multiple brands under Intermountain Staffing affected the feeling of oneness and uniformity needed in any company.

Having one name and brand throughout the company increases unity and helps us move our great purpose and vision forward internally.​

There are many exciting changes coming during 2019, including a mobile app and new operating software. Having one name and brand allows us to integrate these changes more thoroughly throughout the company, on top of the other benefits listed.

Why did we pick the name Ascend Staffing?

Our purpose is to “partner with employees, clients, and the community to create opportunities for growth and mutual success”. This growth and mutual success inspired “Ascend” which makes one visualize rising and growth.​

Ascend Staffing represents who and what we want our company and employees to be and do. We strive to ascend; in our goals, values, work, and for our members, even in personal life.

Ascend Staffing has a new logo. What does the logo represent?

Our logo points to our values and expectations of the future, while at the same time helping us remember our roots and history of success.​The blue and green logo represents a trajectory of growth and the mountains, setting the expectation of continued success and improvement, while helping us remember how we started and where our roots are.

The blue symbolizes our values, integrity, and dedication to who we are. It is the foundation of the logo, symbolic of how these are the foundation of our company.​

The green represents growth and financial success; we know that profit is the lifeblood of any company, and when we have monetary gains, it is because we gave equivalent or greater value to others.​

Both the blue and green are on an upward trajectory, symbolizing how we seek to hold these foundations in our company perpetually, no matter how large or successful we become.

Does this change affect other aspects of your business?

While we are making many new and exciting changes in 2019, the name change is not the reason for these changes.

We are still the same great company, but with a new name and look. ​The only aspects that are affected by this change are the ones involving the name and branding. Invoices, client records, email addresses and our website being some of the larger ones.

As a Client of Ascend Staffing, does my company have to make any changes because of this transition?

There are some updates that your company should make because of this name change.

One of the major items is making sure to change your email spam filters so that they do not block or filter emails from the domain This will be the new domain that our emails will be sent from, and if it is blocked, important communications may be lost.

​Your company should update its records to reflect the name change. Tax IDs and other legal and tax-related identifications will remain the same.​ Please update documents sent to our company with the name change. This will help us keep everything in order and running smoothly.

We will be keeping the Intermountain Staffing domain. This means that if you go to, you will be redirected to

You will also always be able to send to the old Intermountain Staffing emails (, but these will be forwarded to Ascend Staffing emails (

​Please reach out to your local Ascend Staffing representative if you have questions on the specifics of what actions need to be taken because of the name change.

How will this name change affect invoices, records and forms?

The name change will be reflected in our invoices and forms. These now carry the Ascend Staffing name and branding. If you have questions on the specifics of this, please contact your local Ascend Staffing representative.

Is a new W9 form with the new name available?

Yes. If you would like an updated W9, please contact your local Ascend Staffing representative.

What are our new Ascend Staffing social media and digital presence pages?

What is the new email domain format for contacting employees through email?

The new format for emails is The rest of the format the same as the old Intermountain Staffing emails, with the first letter of the first name, and the whole last name.

If I wanted to email a hypothetical “John Smith”, I would use “”.

Where is the contact information for an Ascend Staffing Branch or Support Center?

Go to Here you can find all Ascend Staffing Branch and Support Center contact information.

You can also email if you prefer to reach out via email.


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