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Is Employee Empowerment the Key to a Great Company Culture?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Let's Answer Some Of The Biggest Questions Surrounding This Topic and Explore Ways to Empower Your Workforce:

What Is Employee Empowerment? Employee empowerment refers to the degree to which you give your workers authority over their day-to-day activities. The American Society for Quality points out that there are two forms of employee empowerment: job enlargement and job enrichment. If you enlarge a job, you change its scope horizontally. This means you add responsibilities without giving a worker additional authority. For example, a finance department worker that processes invoices can be given the opportunity to deposit checks. Comparatively, if you enrich a job, you increase its depth. For instance, you can let an HR department worker receive time-off requests from workers. If you allow this worker to decide if time-off requests are approved or declined, you enrich their role with your business.

Why Is It Important to Empower Your Workers? Employee empowerment can transform your company culture. If you enlarge or enrich your workers' roles with your business, you give them the opportunity to grow with your company. You show workers that you trust they will do their best. This can lead to great relationships that allow your employees to thrive and your business to boost its productivity and efficiency. In addition, empowering your workers can help your company stand out in a fierce job market. If you give your workers every opportunity to succeed, they are more likely to stay with your business for an extended period of time. Meanwhile, quality job candidates may be drawn to your company. This can put your company in a strong position to recruit the best candidates.

How Can You Empower Your Workers? On-the-job training offers an excellent starting point for employee empowerment. You can provide workshops and courses to let your workers develop new skills or bolster their existing ones. Also, you can offer opportunities to sign up for online or in-person college and university classes. Furthermore, you can be transparent with your employees. If you give workers insights into why you make certain decisions and provide them with plenty of information about your day-to-day operations, they may be able to perform their jobs better than ever before. Lastly, look for employees that want to take on additional responsibilities. If a worker shows an interest in a particular role, teach this individual about the position. Next, you can help this employee contribute across multiple areas of your business.

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