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Recruitment Reinvented: Outside-the-Box Techniques

Updated: May 22

You want top talent to join your team. To accomplish your goal, you prioritize talent recruitment. But, to date, your talent recruitment efforts have fallen short of your desired results. However, if you revamp the way you search for quality job candidates, you can engage with the best candidates like never before. And, you can put your business in the best position to recruit skilled job candidates now and in the future. There are many outside-the-box techniques that you can use to revamp your talent recruitment efforts. These techniques include:

1. Tweak Your Job Campaigns

If you launch job campaigns in which you promote the roles you want to fill, consider a change to your approach. For example, you can highlight the location of where job candidates will work if they join your team. Or, you can give job candidates details about your culture. Promoting different aspects of your business and culture can help you show candidates what your company and its team are all about. It can drive engagement with a wide range of job seekers. On top of this, it can help you recruit candidates, so your business can build a loyal and engaged workforce.

2. Update Your Interview Process

When you interview candidates for employment, consider their needs. Give candidates the flexibility to engage with your business in ways that work well for them. You can start the interview process with a phone or video chat with a candidate. If a candidate seems like a good fit, you can have this individual meet with different members of your team. You can continue to vet the candidate throughout the interview process. If a candidate has what it takes to contribute to your team, you can hire this individual. At this point, the risk of a bad hire is minimal. In addition, this candidate may hit the ground running as soon as they start working for your company.

3. Invest in Your New Hires

You can offer new hires the opportunity to stay with your company long into the future. To do so, focus on career growth and advancement. For instance, you can provide on-the-job training to someone who wants to join your company but lacks some of the skills required for a particular role. This training shows a candidate that you want to invest in him or her. It also illustrates that you want this candidate to grow with your company. By prioritizing career development, you can help your new hires become key contributors across your business.

The Bottom Line on Using Outside-the-Box Techniques for Talent Recruitment

Prioritize talent recruitment and utilize outside-the-box techniques as you look for qualified job candidates. If you do, you may discover many job candidates are interested in joining your company. Meanwhile, you can show these candidates why they should join your business over its rivals. This can help your company attract top talent that remains loyal to your business. At Ascend Staffing, we can connect you with talent recruitment. Our team makes it easy to recruit and hire top talent at any time. To get started, contact us today.


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