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The Easiest Way to Reconnect with Your References

Updated: 3 days ago

Reach Out to a Mutual Friend Most people’s networks are to some degree or another connected, and as such, you likely have a mutual friend or acquaintance with your professional reference. If so, this is a great way to rekindle a relationship with them. Try something like, “Hey, I ran into _____________ the other day, and it turns out you know them too!” The rest is up to you.

Congratulate Them Usually, most of us don’t keep tabs on our old bosses or professional references – especially if a professional reference is all they are. However, if they recently celebrated something, a birthday, the birth of a child or a promotion, it is a great way to start a conversation. Send them well wishes, and you’d be surprised at how quickly the conversation goes back to what you both have in common – which is usually work related.

It’s a Date While you can likely skip the flowers and box of chocolates, a great way to reconnect with an old reference is by asking them out for coffee or a drink. Most people, assuming you left on good terms, would be more than happy to catch up with an old colleague. And we won’t lie, most people have an even harder time saying no if you just so happen to fit the bill.

Awkwardness isn’t So Bad Remember how we said that following these tips would help you avoid an awkward conversation? Well, in some cases, embracing that awkwardness can be your ticket to reconnecting. Admit that it’s been a while but come across as genuine for wanting to reconnect. Most people are pretty understanding, especially those who are professional and understand the value of a good job reference.

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