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What to Not Ask Candidates During a Job Interview

Updated: 3 days ago

1. Do You Have Any Kids or Intend to Have Children Soon? You may ask a candidate about their kids or if this individual has plans to have children. Doing so may seem like a good opportunity to create small talk with a candidate. However, you may inadvertently open the door to a legal dispute. If a candidate is pregnant or plans to become pregnant, this individual may view your question as a violation of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. Or, if a candidate does not have children, asking about any plans to have kids can introduce bias into your interview.

2. Are You Dealing with Any Disabilities? The Americans with Disabilities Act offers legal protection to those dealing with disabilities as they interview for jobs. If you ask a candidate if he or she is coping with a disability, you risk violating this act. If you have concerns about whether a candidate can perform duties associated with a role, ask this individual about it. And, if a candidate needs accommodations to complete various job tasks, this individual will let you know at this time.

3. When Did You Graduate from High School or College? It may be tempting to ask a candidate when he or she graduated, as this will give you an idea about this individual's age. Yet, asking a candidate about their graduation date can lead to an age discrimination claim against you and your business. For those who want to learn about a candidate's educational background, ask this individual for information about it before an interview. A candidate can share details about any relevant certifications or degrees that he or she has earned. You can then determine if this candidate meets the educational requirements associated with your vacancy.

How to Steer Clear of What to Not Ask Candidates During Job Interviews It is common to have concerns about what to ask and what to not ask candidates during job interviews. Fortunately, by preparing for job interviews, you can ask candidates the right questions, every time. Make a list of questions before a job interview. You can use these questions during a behavioral interview or any other type of job interview. The questions should focus on learning about a candidate's skills and experience and if they line up with what you are looking for in your ideal hire. It can be beneficial to brainstorm interview questions with your peers. This allows you to get additional perspectives on whether an interview question may be inappropriate or biased. If you are on the fence about whether to ask a certain question to a candidate, you may want to avoid this question altogether.

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