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4 Tips For People Who Continuously Mess Up Interviews

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Prepare and Practice While the jobs you are applying for and the interviewers themselves will vary, at its core, the interview process is standard. If you’ve ever been in more than one, you are likely familiar with the questions that are stock. Keeping this in mind, you should always take the time to prepare and rehearse answers to these and similar questions. One of the fastest ways you can turn off an interviewer is by staring blankly at them when they ask you a question.

Research the Company Are you looking to “wow” your interviewer? Do your homework and walk into the room with a solid grasp of the company and what they do. The more information you can collect in regard to the specific role you are applying for, the better. This not only shows you are interested, but you have taken the time and played an active role in putting your best foot forward. Trust us; interviewers love that.

Arrive Early Many people will tell you it is important to arrive on time for your interview. We’d argue it is even better to show up early. From delayed buses and subways, accidents on the highway, and unforeseen car troubles or emergencies, there is any number of reasons you couldn’t possibly think of that can delay your route to an interview. So, instead of leaving it to chance, take control and plan on arriving 15-20 minutes early. However, don’t show up too early, as that also can give off the wrong impression.

Stay Calm, Confident, and Concise Although admittedly staying calm in an interview situation can be easier said than done, it is vital to try and keep your cool. This can be achieved much easier if the previous steps have all been followed. Following the earlier steps will also help you feel more confident and provide you with the right and concise answers they are looking for.

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