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5 Signs It's Time to Look for a New Job

Updated: May 22

You feel satisfied with your current job, but there may be warning signs that your position does not fulfill your career aspirations. If this is the case, you need to quickly identify these warning signs. That way, you can begin a search for a new job that allows you to achieve your career goals.

There are many signs that now may be a good time to look for a new job, such as:

1. You and Your Boss Are Not on the Same Page

If your boss stops discussing work tasks and other business matters with you, the lines of communication may be broken. In this instance, discuss your concerns with your boss. If you meet with your boss but find no meaningful changes occur at work, look for an employer that encourages communication among its workforce.

2. You Were Recently Passed Over for a Promotion

If you were recently passed over for a promotion, share your concerns with your boss. Then, if you feel your boss does not listen to your concerns or your company does not offer ample career growth opportunities, find an employer that will appreciate your talent and can help you accomplish your career goals.

3. You Think About Work Constantly, Even When You're Not There

If you feel pressure to work even when you're outside the office, work stress may be getting the best of you. So, take a deep breath, and realize that there are job opportunities elsewhere. You can then make a plan to find a job that allows you to minimize stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

4. You Feel Bored at Work

If you go to work and experience no challenges throughout the day, you may start to feel bored. When this boredom lingers, you and your company may suffer the consequences. If you feel bored at work, meet with your boss to discuss your concerns. And if your day-to-day responsibilities remain intact, seek a job that brings new challenges and opportunities every day.

5. You No Longer Engage with Your Co-Workers or Superiors

If your co-workers or superiors won't greet you or turn away when they see you, a toxic work environment may be in place. Here, you may find a few opportunities for career growth. As such, a job search may be necessary, so you can find a workplace where you can consistently engage with co-workers and superiors.

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