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6 Signs That You Nailed Your Interview

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Here are six signs your interview went well:

#1: The hiring manager seemed to enjoy the conversation.  Did it seem like the hiring manager enjoyed talking to you? Did you get the sense that they were genuinely interested in what you were saying? Or did it seem like they were just going through the motions? You’ll be able to get a natural feel for how the conversation went, and that can be a good indicator of your performance.

#2: Your interview ran long. It’s likely that the hiring manager doesn’t have all the time in the world to interview candidates or make a final selection. If the interview ran long because the two of you continued to discuss the role and the company, that’s a good sign.

#3: The hiring manager asked about your work transition. If the conversation included a discussion of your transition from your current employer to the company you’re interviewing with, it means the hiring manager is already thinking in terms of you coming onboard. While it’s no guarantee that you’ll be the final pick, it certainly points you in a positive direction. 

#4: You got an office tour. Did you get a tour of the office or meet current employees during your interview? Usually, this isn’t done until hiring managers are relatively certain of the candidate they're going to pick. If you got a tour, take it as a good sign.

#5: The hiring manager tried to sell you on the position. If the hiring manager spent time “selling” you on the position by discussing the company’s high points, or you spent time talking about salary and benefits, it could be a sign that they’re narrowing down their decision to a few final candidates – and that you’re among them.

#6: The hiring manager discussed next steps.  If you leave the interview and you already have another one lined up by the end of the conversation, it’s a good sign that things went well. When your interview ends by discussing the next steps, you’re at least being considered beyond that one interview – and that bodes well for you.

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