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7 Signs You Might Be A Job Hopper (And What To Do About It)

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

1. You've Held Five or More Jobs at a Variety of Businesses Over the Past Seven Years.

A job hopper won't stay in one role, at one company for an extended period of time. Rather, this individual frequently looks for the next best career opportunity. As such, he or she likely has a lengthy resume. And the resume may be filled with myriad roles the individual has held over a short period.

2. You've Spent Less Than a Year in Every Role in Your Career.

To date, your career has included many ups and downs. Yet, if the longest tenure you've had with a company is less than 12 months, this indicates you may be willing to hop from job to job.

3. You're Always on the Lookout for New Career Opportunities.

Even if you have a job you enjoy, you're always seeking new career opportunities. This means you're actively searching for a new job and submitting your application materials. If you land one of these jobs, you have no qualms about accepting the role and leaving your current one, either.

4. Your Resume Includes Many of the Same Job Titles.

If you find your resume includes job titles that are identical or appear nearly the same, you may be a job hopper. Because, in this instance, you may go from business to business in search of a role in which you know you can thrive.

5. There Are No Signs of Career Growth on Your Resume.

A job hopper often lacks a sense of commitment. Therefore, this individual usually does not take steps to further their career in their current role. Instead, the individual transitions from role to role rather than grow their career at one business.

6. You Pursue Jobs That Don't Suit You Well.

For those who hop between jobs, it can be tempting to apply for just about any role. These individuals are even prone to apply for jobs in which they lack the right qualifications.

7. You Are Always Looking for Problems in Your Current Job.

It is easy to focus on the negatives in a current role. In fact, a job hopper may focus exclusively on the problems he or she faces in their role. These problems then give the individual an excuse to pursue career opportunities elsewhere.

How to Move Past Being a Job Hopper If you are worried about hopping from job to job, figure out what you want to do in your career. You can make a list of your career goals. From here, you can determine what job aligns with your career aspirations and search for the right role. Lastly, if you want help finding your dream job, partner with Ascend Staffing. We offer job placement assistance to individuals of all skill and experience levels. Browse our job board today!


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