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7 Tips for Writing the Perfect Follow-Up Email

Updated: May 22

1. Use the Right Tone When it comes to tone, be professional and courteous. Remember, your interviewer's time is valuable. As such, you should keep your message on point and use it to deliver pertinent information to your interviewer.

2. Say "Thank You" Right Away Resist the urge to include a lengthy introduction in your email. Instead, get right to the point and include a "thank you" in the subject line and opening sentence.

3. Keep Your Message Short Ideally, your follow-up email should be anywhere from 80 to 150 words long. You can organize your message into brief paragraphs.

4. Express Your Appreciation Tell your interviewer that you appreciate him or her taking the time to meet with you. At this point, you can also highlight any points of the interview you enjoyed. That way, you can show your interview experience with him or her was a positive one.

5. Personalize Your Message Address your interviewer by their first name in your message. Moreover, include any relevant details about the interview. By personalizing your email, you can show your interviewer you took the time to write him or her a message. In addition, you can boost the likelihood that your follow-up email stands out from others.

6. Close Out Your Email on a High Note Encourage your interviewer to follow up with you with any questions or updates. You can also let your interviewer know that you look forward to hearing from him or her soon.

7. Proofread Your Follow-Up Email Take a final look at your follow-up email before you send it. If your email is free of grammar and spelling errors, send it to your interviewer. Keep in contact with your interviewer after you send your follow-up email. Verify that your interviewer has received your message. If you do not hear back from your interviewer within about one week of sending your message, follow up with him or her again.

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