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A Fresh Start: Strategies for Cleaning Up Social Media During Your Job Hunt

Updated: May 22

1. Search Your Name on Google Google your name and see what the search results reveal. This gives you a good idea of what employers will see when they look up your name on Google. You can also view images that may be associated with your name. When you search your name on Google, look yourself up on your personal device and others. It can be beneficial to ask family members and friends to look you up on Google as well. Since Google personalizes its search results, the results you get when you look up your name may not be the same as your family members and friends. Of course, if you find controversial content associated with your name during your Google search, remove this content immediately. The sooner you get rid of this content, the sooner you can eliminate the risk that a potential employer can find it.

2. Audit Your Social Media Accounts Perform a social media audit to evaluate your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. Your audit gives you a glimpse into the content that you publish and what people, places, and topics you follow. It also shows you any impressions, comments, likes, and other relevant data relating to your social content. As you audit your accounts on social networks, remove any content that can otherwise compromise your job search. To identify this content, consider a prospective employer's perspective. If you believe that something you previously posted on social networks can ultimately hurt your chances of securing a job, err on the side of caution and get rid of it.

3. Follow Industry Organizations and Leaders To make your social media accounts pleasing to employers, search for industry organizations and leaders on social networks. Then, potential employers can look you up on social networks and see that you follow these organizations and leaders. This can help you stand out to a prospective employer. Don't hesitate to post content and publish comments on the pages of industry groups on social networks, either. This can help you enhance your social network presence. It may help you build relationships with industry professionals, too.

Get Started on Cleaning Up Your Social Media During Your Job Hunt At Ascend Staffing, we can provide you with tips and recommendations to help you make the most of your social network accounts. Our team can explain why it's important to review your social accounts as you look for a job. We can also help you navigate the job market. If you are ready to find a new job, please check out our job board today.


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