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Boost Your Career During The Summer

Updated: May 22

Now, Let's Look at Four Things You Can Do to Boost Your Career In The Summer:

1. Revamp Your Resume Take a look at your resume and examine its strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, you want your resume to help you stand out from other job candidates. At the same time, you need to make your resume searchable. Consider the job you want to land and how your resume can help you secure this position. From here, you can update your resume. Add relevant skills and experience. Also, make sure your resume is brief and to the point. That way, your resume is likely to hit the mark with industry employers. When you send out your resume, you may receive plenty of responses throughout the summer.

2. Explore Volunteer, Internship, and Part-Time Job Opportunities If you feel stuck in your career, it may be a good time to consider volunteer, internship, and part-time roles. In the best-case scenario, you may find a temporary role you love. At this point, you may be ready to pursue new career opportunities. Think about what you want to achieve in your career. Next, you can examine roles that require minimal experience. You can submit your resume to positions where you can build new skills or improve your existing ones. As you do, you may discover many employers want you to contribute to their team in the summertime. If you thrive, a summer position may turn into a full-time role, too.

3. Expand Your Professional Network Capitalize on networking opportunities as they come your way. You can search for networking events online and in your community. With each networking event you attend, you can build connections in your industry and beyond. These connections can help you grow your career. As you attend networking events, introduce yourself as much as you can. Over time, you can build a professional network that benefits you and everyone else in it. Your network can also help you throughout your career.

4. Enroll in Training Programs Take advantage of online or in-person courses and workshops. You can sign up for training programs in the summer and complete your coursework over the course of a few months. With each training program you complete, you can further distinguish yourself from other job candidates. When you join training programs, make the most of them. For example, you can share your industry-specific questions and concerns with peers and teachers. This can help you get the information you need to succeed upon completion of a training program.

Ready to Boost Your Career in Summer? Ascend Staffing Can Help Ascend Staffing offers job placement assistance to individuals that want to boost their careers in the summertime. Our team can learn about you and your career goals and help you land your ideal job. To get started, browse our job board today.


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