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Build the Right Network to Get Hired

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

1. Find the Right People to Join Your Network It can be tempting to include everyone in your professional network. Yet, doing so can make it tough to connect with professionals that can help you find the right job. On the other hand, building relationships with industry professionals is key. These relationships can lay the groundwork for a successful job search. Look for industry professionals in roles that interest you. You can find these professionals on LinkedIn, through networking events, and in your community. Reach out to these professionals to introduce yourself and explain you'd like to stay in touch. This can set the stage for many mutually beneficial relationships with industry professionals.

2. Accept and Provide Help In a professional network, people expect to receive requests for help. At the same time, they may ask for help themselves. If you find a member of your group who wants assistance, offer to help in any way you can. Gratitude can go a long way when you are networking as well. Express gratitude to those who help you move forward in your career. Even writing a simple thank-you note can have long-lasting benefits. And, if you offer help to industry professionals along the way, you may be the recipient of many acts of gratitude, too.

3. Reconnect with Past Colleagues You can engage with colleagues from any past jobs you've held or classes you've taken. Don't forget to connect with professionals that you met at industry events, either. As you reconnect with prior acquaintances, you can rebuild dormant relationships. Over time, these relationships can make a world of difference in your quest to land your ideal job. Keep in touch with any prior acquaintances that join your group. By keeping your relationships with these acquaintances open, you can boost your chances of identifying the right job. These acquaintances may even become important contributors to your career success.

4. Start a Networking Group If you want industry professionals to join your network but are uncertain about where to begin, you can set up your own networking group. When you do, you can give industry professionals the opportunity to connect with you whenever they choose. With a networking group, establish a mission for it. You should also schedule regular events where industry professionals can engage with one another. If your group is successful, it will grow quickly. And, your professional network will grow with it.

Get Started on Building the Right Network At Ascend Staffing, we can help you build the right network and make the most of your networking efforts. Plus, we can keep you in the loop about jobs that line up with your expectations. Explore our job board today.


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