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Elevate Your Job Interview Game: 7 Tips for Standing Out

During a job interview, you want your interviewer to see all that you have to offer. Yet, your interview game may need some work. Because, if you don't stand out in the eyes of your interviewer, it's unlikely that you'll be able to land your dream job. It may be easier than you think to elevate your interview game. Here are seven tips to help you stand out during your next interview.

1. Conduct Plenty of Research Before Your Interview

Learn about the company you want to join and the role you want to land. To do so, search the business online. You can visit the business' website and get insights into its history and culture. You can also look on social media to see how the company engages with its customers and employees. Meanwhile, review the job posting. You can then use terms and phrases from the posting to describe your skills and experience during your interview. Most importantly, you can show your interviewer that you understand the role and how you can help their business thrive.

2. Arrive Early for Your Interview

Determine how long it will take you to get to your interview location if you're traveling from home. Give yourself sufficient time to commute to this location. Ideally, you'll want to arrive at least 5 minutes early. If you're interviewing via video chat or over the phone, get to a quiet space at least a few minutes before your meeting. When it's a video interview, log in at least a few minutes early.

3. Focus on Your Strengths

Share your strengths as your interviewer asks you to describe your skills and experience. For instance, you can explain a time when you used your communication skills to help your team get a job done. Or, you can discuss an instance when you worked diligently to get a work task done on deadline.

4. Explain Your Areas of Improvement

Don't pretend to be perfect. Instead, give your interviewer insights into areas you want to improve. If you try to hide from questions about your weaknesses or other common interview questions, your interviewer will notice. This can cause you to stand out to your interviewer for all the wrong reasons and force you to miss out on a chance to secure your ideal job.

5. Discuss Your Accomplishments

Provide details about your career success to date. For example, you can provide information about how you helped your company boost its revenues or sales. You can also share statistics to show you have had a meaningful impact on a business.

6. Offer Work Samples

Sharing a portfolio or other work samples is a simple and effective way to level up your interview game. Provide work samples to your interviewer before your meeting. Then, you can discuss your samples during your interview.

7. Ask Questions

Prepare questions for your interviewer prior to your meeting. These questions let you show your interviewer that you're interested in the role and their company.

Ready to Level Up Your Interview Game?

Ascend Staffing can help you improve your interview game. We offer interview game tips and job search help to individuals on the lookout for full- and part-time and temporary jobs. To get started, check out our job board today.


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