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Format Your Resume the Right Way

Updated: May 22

You can format your resume in many ways. Regardless, you need to choose a formatting option that works best for you.

Typically, the best way to format your resume depends on the job you want to land and other factors. Yet, if you understand the ins and outs of different resume formats, you can select one that helps you secure your dream job.

3 Ways to Format Your Resume

Here's a look at three of the most common ways to format your resume, along with their respective pros and cons.

1. Online

You can set up an online resume on LinkedIn. Here, you can add details about your experience, expertise, and education. You can make your LinkedIn profile accessible to job recruiters from around the globe. LinkedIn ensures you can connect with industry professionals and engage with them as well.

Online resumes are great options for all job candidates, across all fields. It does not take long to set up an online resume. Furthermore, you can utilize your resume to showcase your skillset, enhance your industry expertise, and more.

Of course, if you set up an online resume, you need to maintain it. A job recruiter may view your online resume at any time. If you fail to keep your resume up to date, it can cause you to miss out on new career opportunities.

2. Chronological

A chronological resume is the preferred option for many hiring managers. The resume includes a list of your work experience, with your most current role listed first.

You can benefit from a chronological resume in any industry. The resume can deliver outstanding results for professionals who have held many jobs over the years. In these instances, a chronological resume provides a clear-cut list of work positions that highlight a candidate's experience.

If you have an employment gap, you may want to forgo a chronological resume. This is because a gap in employment can appear glaring on this type of resume.

3. Functional

With a functional resume, you can set up different sections to showcase your skills, experience, and other relevant information. A functional resume can be formatted in a way that each section is simple to understand. This ensures a hiring manager can review pertinent candidate information with ease.

Functional resumes are ideal for freelance workers or contractors. The resumes help these professionals showcase their wide range of skills and experience.

Comparatively, a functional resume can make it difficult to showcase industry-specific experience. And sometimes, hiring managers may ignore certain sections of a functional resume. In these instances, hiring managers may look past a viable candidate for a role with their company.

Evaluate Different Options to Format Your Resume

If you are considering myriad options to format your resume, there is no need to stress. Ascend Staffing can help you fine-tune your resume and ensure it hits the mark with dozens of prospective employers. We can keep you up to date about jobs that align with your career goals, too. Check out our job board today!

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