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How to Learn from a Job Rejection and Move Past It

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Let's face it — no one enjoys going through the job interview process, only to be rejected by a potential employer. A job rejection can be frustrating, disheartening, and disappointing. Yet, despite your best efforts, a job rejection is sometimes unavoidable, and you need to learn to deal with it and move past it.

With the right approach to a job rejection, you can learn from the experience. You can also move past a job rejection — and move closer to landing your dream job.

There are many things you can do to learn from and move past a job rejection, such as:

1. Evaluate the Entire Experience

Take an objective view of the interview process. Think about what went well and what did not, and use these insights to help you prepare for future interviews.

You may want to reach out to the employer that rejected you, too. It may be difficult to request feedback about your interview performance, but getting this information can help you become a better candidate for myriad jobs in the years to come.

2. Review Your Accomplishments

Examine your career accomplishments to date. Remember, you've done a lot in your career thus far, which is what put you in a position to have a chance to secure a particular job in the first place.

Once you review your career accomplishments, look for ways to build on your success. This ensures you won't rest on your laurels, and instead, can kick off a quest to find better job opportunities.

3. Assess Your Goals

Figure out what you want to accomplish in your career. Write down your career goals, then consider the steps you'll need to complete to transform your goals into realities.

Your career goals may have changed in lieu of your job rejection, and that's ok. If you revamp your career goals now, you can focus on your aspirations and limit the risk of future job rejections.

4. Explore New Opportunities

Search for new job opportunities that fall in line with your career goals. The past is the past, and now, you can move forward to accomplish amazing things in your career.

As you explore new opportunities, don't forget about your job rejection altogether. Use the job rejection as motivation, and you may be inspired to accomplish your career goals more effectively than ever before.

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