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How To Move Your Career Forward While Taking a Step Back

Updated: May 22

1. Work for Yourself Consider freelance, temporary, and contract roles in lieu of permanent ones. Many employers want top talent, regardless of whether job candidates will accept part- or full-time roles. If you are open to working for yourself, you may find a wealth of career opportunities at your disposal. As you explore myriad jobs, you can see how they line up with your personal schedule. If a job seems like a good fit based on your personal life, you can accept it. Or, if a job seems like it may hamper your ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance, continue to look elsewhere for work.

2. Sign Up for Classes and Workshops Enroll in classes and workshops so you can bolster your skill set. If there is something you want to learn, do so right away. The more you learn, the more you can develop skills that help you grow your career. Meanwhile, completing a class or workshop can provide personal fulfillment. A class or workshop gives you the opportunity to engage with other students and foster relationships with them. Over time, this can lead to professional connections and friendships that last long into the future.

3. Revamp Your Resume Update your resume to reflect your current skill set, your industry experience, and what you want to accomplish in your career. You can use a chronological resume to list your work experiences in order. Comparatively, you can utilize a functional resume that emphasizes your skills and abilities and how they relate to the job you want to land. As you revamp your resume, consider ways to make it more searchable than ever before. If you can integrate relevant keywords and phrases into your resume, employers should have no trouble finding it. Once an employer views your resume, it may see why you are a great fit to fill its vacancy.

4. Get Extra Help Along the Way As you try to figure out how to move your career forward while stepping back, reach out to family members and friends. In addition, you can connect with current or former coworkers who can help you identify the best ways to move your career forward without compromising your personal wellbeing. Your peers, family members, and friends will do their part to ensure you can make the best decisions across both your personal and professional lives.

Start to Move Your Career Forward While You Take a Step Back At Ascend Staffing, we offer job placement help if you want to move your career forward and take a step back. Our team can help you search for jobs and find the right one at your convenience. Browse our job board today.


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