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How to Put in Your Notice Without Burning Bridges

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

You have accepted a new job and are excited about the opportunity. Yet, you still need to put in your notice with your current employer. And doing so can be a stressful and exhausting experience.

It pays to plan ahead for how you'll put in your notice. That way, you can notify your present employer about your new job, without the risk of burning bridges.

Tips to Put in Your Notice

Here are five things you can do to submit your resignation notice and conclude your job on a positive note.

1. Provide Ample Notice

Give your employer at least two weeks lead time. This ensures your employer has sufficient time to prepare for your exit. Ultimately, the more time you give your employer to plan for your departure, the better off it will be.

2. Notify Your Boss

Tell your boss before you notify anyone else about your resignation. Typically, it helps to ask your boss to chat in private. The meeting should be held with your boss. At this point, you should be ready to explain your decision and respond to your boss' concerns or questions as well.

3. Submit Your Notice in Person

Resist the urge to send an email or make a phone call to put in your notice. Rather, request an in-person meeting with your boss. The meeting lets you and your boss discuss your departure and what lies ahead for both parties.

4. Offer Support

Ensure your employer has plenty of support in the days leading up to your departure. During this period, you can train other employees on how to complete various tasks associated with your job. Or, you can create a list of duties and responsibilities you handle at work. Provide your boss and other workers with tips, recommendations, and guidance. Then, your team will be well-equipped to maintain business as usual after you depart.

5. Leave a Great Final Impression

Make the most of your final days at your business. Remember, you may not get another opportunity to work with the same people again. Therefore, you should do everything you can to make your last days at work memorable for all the right reasons. This ensures you can feel good about how you close out your tenure at a company. Moreover, you can increase the likelihood that you can maintain positive relationships with your boss and coworkers down the line.

Put in Your Notice the Right Way

You may struggle to put in your notice at your current job. But, it is important to note that doing so helps you move forward in your career. And if you put in your notice the right way, you and your employer can continue to thrive.

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