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How to Research Companies While Searching for Jobs

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

3 Tips to Research Companies and Search for Jobs

1. Start Your Research on a Company's Website Explore a business' website. Then, you can see what a company is all about. Check out the business' About Us page. Also, learn about the company's products and services. If you believe a company may be a good fit for you, explore the business' job postings. You can find these in the Careers or Jobs section of a company's website. Or, you can search on LinkedIn or other job search websites for roles with the business.

2. Follow a Company on Social Media Visit a company's social media pages. You can follow a company on Twitter and LinkedIn. Also, you can become a fan of a business on Facebook. You can subscribe to a business' YouTube channel as well. A company's social media pages make it easy to stay up to date on the business. If the company has job openings, it is likely to publish them on social media. From here, you can pounce at opportunities to apply for jobs with the company.

3. Use Google to Research Companies Enter the company's name in a Google search to find out what results populate. This gives you instant access to any news and articles about the business. You can find out what past and current employees and customers are saying about the company, too. Along with searching a company's name, you can look for jobs with the business on Google. You can also sign up for Google Alerts that allow you to remain in the loop about any jobs with the company that align with your career aspirations.

The Bottom Line on Why It Pays to Research Companies While Searching for Jobs It is beneficial to learn as much as possible about a company before you apply for jobs with the business. Otherwise, you risk pursuing jobs at a business that falls short of your expectations. If you research companies while searching for jobs, you can speed up your employment search. You can quickly identify jobs that match your requirements. Next, you can submit your application materials for these roles. And you may start to receive interview requests for these jobs right away. In addition to researching companies and searching for jobs, it can be helpful to partner with a professional recruiter. This allows you to receive expert help during your job search with the company of your choice. Ascend Staffing is a staffing firm with best-in-class professional recruiters on its team. Our recruiters can learn about you and your career goals. We can then put you in touch with companies and help you take the next step forward in your career.  To get started with us, browse our job board today.


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