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Learn How to Have a Successful Phone Interview

Updated: May 22

Let's face it — dialing into a phone interview can be stressful and exhausting. With the right approach to a phone interview, however, you can move one step closer to landing your dream job.

Now, let's look at five steps you can use to have a successful phone interview.

1. Prepare Your Interview Space

Set up a quiet, peaceful space where you can conduct a phone interview without interruptions. Ideally, use a home office or bedroom where you can sit alone and focus exclusively on the call.

In addition, print out copies of your resume and the job description to keep at hand during your phone interview. You should also bring your cell phone charger in case the interview runs long, as well as a glass of water so you can quench your thirst as needed.

2. Perform Research

Visit an employer's website and review the job description before your phone interview. Jot down notes along the way, and you can use your notes to prepare questions to ask the interviewer during the call. If possible, learn about your interviewer, too. Performing a Google search is likely to provide insights into an interviewer's skills and education, and this information may help you feel more comfortable with an interviewer as soon as your phone interview begins.

3. Speak Clearly and Listen Attentively

Treat a phone interview in the same way you would treat a face-to-face conversation with a potential employer. Speak slowly and clearly, listen attentively, and do not interrupt the interviewer at any point during the call. Remember, your personality can come across in your voice during a phone interview. Don't forget to smile, and the interviewer will likely pick up on your smile any time you speak.

4. Follow Up with a Thank You Email

Send an email to thank the interviewer for his or her time. Keep your message short, and send it within 24 hours of your phone interview. In your thank you email, highlight your continued interest in a particular role. Also, proofread and edit your thank you email before you send it.

5. Remain Patient

Stay calm, cool, and collected as you await a response following a phone interview. In the meantime, continue your job search. If you don't hear back from an employer within a week of a phone interview, follow up via phone call or email. If you continue to receive no response, move forward in the pursuit of your dream job.

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