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Most Common Office Administrator Interview Questions

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

They may go by different names - administrative assistant, office assistant, executive assistant, and more, but no matter what you choose to call them, organizations of all sizes and in nearly every industry are utilizing the benefits of an office administrator. Answering phones, maintaining records, keeping track of schedules and appointments, organizing company events, and data entry are just a few of the tasks you can expect to tackle if you get the job; however, that is often easier said than done. One surefire way to give yourself an edge over the competition is to understand what types of questions you can expect during an interview. Today we are going to tell you just that! So sit back, dust off your resume, and get ready for an amazing opportunity in the wonderful world of office administration.

Q. Beyond what is outlined in the job description, tell me what the overall role of the office administrator is.

What the interviewer wants to hear is how you believe the office administrator plays an integral part in the operations of the office. They want to hear you are passionate, and you believe the role, when executed correctly, can have a far-reaching impact and make the lives of the staff easier.

Q. Which departments or roles did you support in your previous job? In what capacity?

This question is designed to find out how you handle a diverse workload, because as an office administrator, your daily activities may very well span the entire organization. They also want to know details and specifics, like what you did and who you did it for.

Q. What software programs are you proficient in?

This question is unavoidable in this day and age, but shouldn’t be difficult to answer. For most jobs, you’ll either need experience with Microsoft Office Suite, which includes Word and Excel, or iOS-based equivalents. Also, if the role is very industry-specific, it may be worth mentioning any logistics, shipping, POS or inventory software you may be familiar with.

Q. Describe how you manage multiple calendars.

This question is critical to the role, and while not the easiest thing in the world, is something you can learn to answer honestly and accurately. Most offices utilize a variety of calendars - Google and Outlook are among the most popular - however, they are essentially all the same. What is important is how organized you are, that you utilize best practices for each calendar program, and that you keep backups just in case. Wondering what your next career move is but not sure where to start? Contact Ascend Staffing and learn what options are available to you.


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