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The Importance of Getting to Know Your Temps (and How to Do It!)

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Be approachable If you want your staff to open up to you, they have first to feel able to talk to you. Adopt an open-door policy, try and learn people’s names, or ask them how they are doing and genuinely mean it. While many of these things may seem obvious, you’d be surprised to learn how often they are forgotten in a busy business environment and how meaningful they can be when they are not.

Host events Don’t let the word “events” scare you. These can be a trip to the bar after work, ordering pizza for your team, or even just inviting some staff for a coffee at break. The goal is to try and allow for as many opportunities for communication and camaraderie as possible.

Show them you support them Often, temp staff will feel like they are not adequately represented, and this can have a negative impact not only on their experience but their productivity. When you speak to them, ask them how they are, and listen. Follow up if they have concerns and where possible, act on their behalf. This can go a long way in helping to form co-beneficial work relationships.

Be compassionate Life happens, and in case you didn’t know this, the life of your staff primarily happens off working hours. Understanding this and being aware that personal issues, tragedies, mistakes, illness, and a million other reasons to miss work, be late, or slip up exist. Remember that your staff are people foremost and treating them that way is paramount to everyone's success.

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