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Tips to Help You Avoid Common Office Hazards

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Office workers are susceptible to accidents and injuries. But, those who know the ins and outs of common office hazards can minimize the risks associated with these issues.

5 Office Hazards You Need to Know About

Now, let's look at five common office hazards and how to avoid them.

1. Poor Lighting

Too much light can cause glare on your computer screen, increasing your risk of eye fatigue and strain. On the other hand, insufficient light can make it difficult to see desks, wires, and other items, which can lead to accidents and injuries.

Oftentimes, it helps to avoid sitting with your back at your computer, as this helps limit glare. Or, if you need additional light, you can always use a task lamp to brighten up your workspace.

2. Excessive Noise

It can be tough to work in a noisy office. Meanwhile, constant exposure to high noise levels can trigger headaches or migraines, too.

If too much noise frequently distracts you at work, notify your manager. At this point, your manager may allow you to move your desk further away from others in your office. He or she may also encourage employees to turn off their cell phones, use headphones when they listen to audio, or take other measures to reduce office noise.

3. Unsafe Storage

Boxes that contain files and documents may be scattered around your office. These boxes may contain valuable information, but they need to be stored properly. Otherwise, they can lead to trips and falls. If boxes are stacked too high, they may become unstable as well. In these instances, they can fall and injure employees.

Storage racks are great for offices. They allow office workers to store boxes and other items and access them at their convenience. Also, you should ensure all boxes are stacked properly. Light boxes should be stacked on top of heavy ones. This minimizes the risk that a pile of boxes will tip over.

4. Dangerous Electrical Equipment

Fax machines, computer monitors, and other office electrical equipment can sometimes malfunction. In these cases, defective equipment can cause an office fire.

Do not overload electrical outlets with multiple power strips. Furthermore, keep an eye out for any frayed or damaged electrical cords or equipment. This ensures you can address any electrical equipment dangers before they lead to safety issues.

5. Poor Ergonomics

How you sit at your workspace can have far-flung effects on your physical health. Because, if you have poor ergonomics, you risk pain, numbness, and other physical health problems.

Adjust your office chair and desk to ensure you can work safely and comfortably. Keep your head level and balanced while you work. And, keep your feet flat on the floor.

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