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3 Reasons to Encourage Employees to Take PTO

Updated: 3 days ago

Why Should You Encourage Your Employees to Take PTO?

1. You Can Help Your Employees Take Care of Their Mental Wellbeing. Mental wellness is crucial. Your employees may work long hours as they try to perform at peak levels. Yet, they risk burnout and fatigue. If your workers are not careful, these problems can escalate. Over time, they can impact workers' mental wellbeing. By encouraging your employees to take PTO, you can help workers temporarily step away from the hustle and bustle of their jobs. During PTO, a worker can avoid work stress that can otherwise contribute to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Instead, the worker can revitalize and recharge their mind and body.

2. You Can Boost Employee Satisfaction. The Great Resignation is underway. At this time, workers are becoming more likely than ever before to leave their employers. Meanwhile, businesses must plan accordingly. If companies fail to do so, they risk losing top talent. If you encourage employees to take PTO, you can show workers you care about them. This can help you boost employee satisfaction. It can even lead to increased productivity across your workforce, as employees can feel great about their jobs and your company.

3. You Can Help Your Company Stand Out to Quality Job Candidates. Businesses frequently search far and wide for the best job candidates — and your company is no exception. To date, your business has committed substantial time, energy, and resources to look for talent. However, it continues to come up short in stirring up interest from top job candidates. Your company can encourage workers to use PTO, which can lead to positive relationships with employees. Over time, your workers can promote your company to colleagues. Plus, your business can improve its industry reputation. You can distinguish your brand from industry rivals, which can increase the likelihood that quality job candidates will want to join your business.

Don't Wait to Encourage Your Employees to Take PTO Your business wants its employees to be happy. To achieve its goal, you should encourage your workers to use their PTO. You can do so by regularly reminding workers to request time off. In addition, you can encourage workers to share any concerns or questions regarding your business' PTO policies. PTO can be a difference-maker for your business. It can help your company engage with its employees and meet their expectations. And your company can offer PTO to attract and retain talent, too. Of course, if you want extra help with talent recruitment, Ascend Staffing can assist. We are a professional staffing agency that can help you identify superior job candidates who can contribute to your company's success. For more information about our talent recruitment services, please contact us today.


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