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5 Behavioral Questions to Ask During Your Next Interview

Updated: 3 days ago

The Best Behavioral Questions You Need to Ask During an Interview

1. What was your first job in the industry? Describe how you got acclimated to your role. Discover what prompted a candidate to pursue a career in your industry. The candidate can explain their interest in their initial role in the sector and how he or she adjusted to it. Meanwhile, the candidate can share details about any challenges he or she encountered at the beginning of their career. The candidate can explain how he or she overcame these challenges as well.

2. How do you complete a task on a tight deadline? Please share an example. Use this question to find out how a candidate approaches a tight deadline and their approach to time management. The best candidate can make the most of the time at their disposal. In addition, this candidate can achieve great results, even if limited time is available.

3. How do you handle a disagreement between staff members? Give me an example of a time when you convinced someone to see your point of view during a work project. Ask a candidate about their approach to disagreements and confrontation. Ideally, a candidate can find common ground with others. That way, the candidate can help their peers stay on track during projects and accomplish them on time and on budget.

4. Tell me about a time when you had to adapt to collaborating with someone who works in a way that's completely different from your work approach. Learn how a candidate engages with others who approach work in different ways. A terrific candidate can adapt their work style as needed. Thus, this candidate is well equipped to succeed, regardless of who is on their team.

5. Describe an instance in which a client was wrong and you had to correct him or her. Get details about how a candidate connects with clients. Typically, a candidate can converse with a client and is unafraid to be honest with him or her. Therefore, this candidate can build a meaningful relationship with your clientele. And the candidate can help your business maintain outstanding relationships with your clients long into the future.

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