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5 Low-Cost & Impactful Ways to Thank Your Employees This Holiday Season

Updated: May 22

The holiday season has arrived, and you want to reward your employees for their hard work and dedication. But, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused many businesses to revamp their holiday budgets — and your company is no exception.

Your business may have previously hosted elaborate celebrations or offered awe-inspiring gifts to its employees during the holiday season. The pandemic, however, may have forced your company to cut its budget. In this instance, your company may be unable to provide its employees with the same holiday perks they once enjoyed.

Although your company may have less money and fewer resources at its disposal this holiday season, there are still many things you can do to thank your workers. In fact, low-cost and impactful ways you can show your appreciation to your employees this holiday season include:

1. Craft Personalized Thank-You Notes   

Write a thank-you note to each of your employees. This note gives you an opportunity to express your gratitude to your workers and let them how much you value their contributions to your business. The note is sure to make an impression on a worker, and ultimately, may make him or her more likely to remain with your company long into the future.

2. Offer Extra Time-Off from Work

Let your workers take extra time off to enjoy holiday celebrations with family members and friends. Remember, the holiday season is short, and the pandemic has made this year a major challenge for people around the world. By providing workers with extra time off this holiday season, you can give them additional opportunities to close out the year on a positive note.

3. Give Novelty Gifts

Offer a novelty gift that is customized to a worker. For instance, if an employee always starts their work day with a fresh cup of Joe, you can give him or her a custom coffee mug. Or, other novelty gifts like calendars, t-shirts, and hats won't break your budget and can make a big impression on employees.

4. Give Gift Cards to Use at Local Shops

Provide workers with gift cards that they can use to support local shops and purchase items they want. Gift cards are simple and come in a variety of denominations. Meanwhile, workers have the flexibility to spend gift cards on the items they select, whenever they choose.

5. Support a Local Charity

Encourage workers to forgo holiday gifts and, instead, contribute to a local charity. You can set the tone by making the first donation to a local charity on behalf of your company. Then, your employees may embrace the spirit of the holiday season and soon do the same. Of course, be sure to share an extra "thank you" to employees if they donate to a local charity, too.

Take Your Team to the Next Level with Help from Ascend Staffing

The entire Ascend Staffing team would like to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. If your business needs help adding talented professionals to your team, we're ready to assist you during the holiday season and after it ends. For more information, please contact us today.   


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