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Host a Memorable Virtual Holiday Party

Updated: May 22

Your business lets employees work remotely. And your workers have shown they are capable of thriving as remote employees. Yet, staff members can sometimes miss out on holiday parties if they work remotely. But, if you host a virtual holiday party, you can engage staff members in a festive celebration, regardless of their location.

A virtual party can boost employee morale around the holidays. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to show your appreciation to your staff. If you start planning a virtual holiday party, you can ensure it hits the mark with your remote team. The result: your virtual celebration will be one your staff won't soon forget.

4 Can't-Miss Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

Now, let's look at four ideas to help you make your virtual holiday party memorable.

1. Complete a Long-Distance Cookie Swap

Encourage workers to bake holiday cookies and share them with one another. To do so, give your employees ample time to prepare their holiday cookies. From here, they can mail cookies to your office. Next, you can put together cookie packages and send them to your employees' homes. Finally, you and your employees can enjoy holiday cookies together as part of a virtual celebration.

2. Host a Holiday Movie Night

Reach out to staff members to find out what holiday movies they enjoy. Then, you can schedule a holiday movie night. This lets you and your employees watch a holiday movie together, even if you are physically far apart.

3. Conduct a White Elephant Gift Exchange

Set up an online white elephant gift exchange. With the exchange, each participant brings a gift up to a specified amount. Participants then select a number. The participant with the lowest number picks their gift first. And the participant with the highest number selects last. However, a participant can "steal" a previously selected white elephant gift. This can be fun and exciting, particularly if a white elephant gift exchange is held on a video call.

4. Build a Gingerbread House

Schedule a time to prepare a gingerbread house with your workers. First, mail a gingerbread house kit to each employee. You and your workers can then set aside time to build your houses together on camera. Team members can go step by step to build a gingerbread house from scratch. Upon completion, you and your workers can show off your gingerbread masterpieces.

Make the Most of Your Virtual Holiday Party

Your virtual holiday party can be great. By planning ahead, you can ensure your holiday party drives engagement across your team. Perhaps best of all, you and your employees can celebrate the holidays together.

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