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How Often Should You Review Workplace Safety with Your Employees?

Updated: 3 days ago

Workplace safety is crucial for all businesses, regardless of industry. And, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has increased the need for frequent on-the-job safety reviews.

Why Are Workplace Safety Reviews Important?

In 2019, OSHA reported 888,220 nonfatal injuries and illnesses that caused a private industry worker to miss at least one day of work. Yet, it may be possible to avoid such issues if businesses conduct safety reviews.

A workplace safety review provides a learning opportunity for your business and its employees. For your company, the review allows you to address safety issues. Meanwhile, for your employees, the review enables them to offer insights into safety problems.

Of course, workplace safety reviews should be performed regularly. Ultimately, there is no set timeline for your business to engage with employees regarding workplace safety. But, the more frequently you discuss on-the-job safety with your workforce, the more likely it becomes you can avoid workplace accidents.

How to Keep Workplace Safety Top of Mind for Employees

There are many things you can do to promote workplace safety across your staff, including:

1. Host Regular Meetings

Conduct regular meetings to share workplace safety concerns and updates. These meetings can be held as often as you'd like. Each meeting should include full participation from your staff.

Workplace safety meetings encourage managers and employees to come forward with any concerns or questions. Also, the meetings foster communication and collaboration among managers and employees. In doing so, they can help you create a safe, productive work environment.

2. Establish and Maintain a Workplace Safety Plan

Create an on-the-job safety plan that accounts for myriad hazards across your workplace. Develop this plan in conjunction with your staff. Furthermore, evaluate your plan periodically and update it as needed.

Remember, your workplace safety plan should document the steps and processes required to guard against on-the-job dangers. It should also account for safety training.

3. Provide Comprehensive Training

Teach your workers about workplace safety. To do so, establish a training program that all workers need to complete. Keep your on-the-job safety program up to date, too.

In addition, provide safety training at least twice a year. This ensures your workers can get a refresher on various safety topics.

4. Reward Workers Who Prioritize Safety

Keep track of workplace accidents and related on-the-job safety data. Then, you can reward your staff if it meets certain safety goals.

Rewarding workers who embrace on-the-job safety is a great way to engage your staff. Offering rewards encourages employees to do their part to avoid safety issues.

Take Steps to Improve Safety at Work

Your business is required to take appropriate measures to protect its workers against on-the-job dangers. Failure to do so can result in OSHA penalties. It could lead to workplace accidents, injuries, and fatalities as well.

Conduct ongoing safety reviews. That way, you can review safety issues with your employees and work with them to resolve these problems.

Finally, if you want to add professionals who prioritize safety, partner with Ascend Staffing. We can put you in touch with exceptional professionals who can help your business accomplish its short- and long-term goals. To learn more, please contact us today.  


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