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How to Assess Your Company Culture

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Your company culture can determine if top job candidates join your business. As such, you need to assess your culture carefully. Otherwise, if your culture consistently misses the mark, you risk losing quality job candidates to industry rivals.

If you want to assess your company culture, you need to plan accordingly. Here are three tips to help you perform an in-depth culture assessment.

1. Take an Objective Look at Your Company Culture

Consider your company culture from an outsider's perspective. To do so, think about how someone who encounters your company for the first time will view your business. This requires you to consider how your employees engage with one another. It also involves looking at how your company keeps its workers happy and fulfills customer requests.

It can be beneficial to consider what your company culture is missing, too. For instance, if your workers frequently ignore something you feel is important to your culture, it helps to find out why they do so. This enables you to determine if something is missing from your culture. Next, you can implement changes to improve your culture as needed.

2. Conduct Employee Surveys

Survey your employees about your company culture. Your workers can give you firsthand insights into your culture. And you can then use their feedback to find ways to improve your culture and ensure it meets your workers' expectations.

Ask employees to complete surveys regarding your business culture periodically. Encourage workers to come forward any time they have culture concerns or questions as well. This ensures you can consistently explore ways to enhance your culture.

3. Perform Employee Interviews

Meet with your employees both one on one and in small groups. You can use culture interviews to get insights into how workers feel about your culture. These interviews can even help you uncover innovative ways to take your culture to new heights.

Along with employee interviews, you can host brainstorming sessions with workers. Brainstorming sessions encourage workers to offer tips on how you can bolster your culture. In addition, they enable workers to become active participants in the development and implementation of a positive work culture.

Make Your Company Culture a Top Priority

Do not expect a company culture to thrive from the get-go. Conversely, it takes time to build and maintain a culture that resonates with a workforce. You need to do everything in your power to foster your culture. And you should perform ongoing culture assessments.

Finally, if you want to hire employees who align with your culture, Ascend Staffing can help you do just that. We are a professional staffing agency that performs extensive talent recruitment. Our team can vet job candidates and find one who can thrive within your culture. Furthermore, we can put you in contact with exceptional job candidates any time you choose. Our team is available to discuss your business and its hiring needs. For more information about our staffing services, please contact us today.


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