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How to Enhance Your Communication Skills to Build Better Relationships With Your Employees

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Your communication skills are key, particularly if you want your employees to feel engaged in their day-to-day activities. With the ability to clearly and effectively communicate with your team, you're well-equipped to foster collaboration and camaraderie. Plus, you can minimize the risk of miscommunications that lead to errors and ensure your employees can deliver exceptional results every day.

How to Improve Your Communication Skills

There are several things you can do to improve your communication skills and build better relationships with your employees, such as:

1. Be Genuine and Honest

Do what you say you intend to do, when you plan to do it. That way, you can show your employees that you strive to be genuine and follow through on your intentions.

In addition, be honest with your employees any time they come to you with concerns or questions. Maintain a positive tone when you communicate with workers, even if you are discussing a difficult topic. With this approach, you can build trust with your employees.

2. Schedule Weekly One-on-One Meetings

Set up a weekly one-on-one meeting with each of your employees. This meeting can take place in-person or remotely and lets you check in with staff members and address their concerns and questions.

Use one-on-one meetings to open the lines of communication with employees. These meetings give your workers opportunities to come forward with any concerns or questions and share them. If you respond accordingly, you can ensure your workers consistently feel comfortable and can perform their best.

3. Offer Explanations

Explain the reasoning behind your work decisions. This gives your workers insights into your thought processes and why you decide to make decisions.

Along with offering explanations, be open to responding to workers' questions about your decisions. Although your employees won't necessarily agree with all of your decisions, you can give them details about why you made certain decisions and ensure their voices are heard.

4. Request and Respond to Feedback

Ask employees to provide feedback relating to day-to-day workplace communication. Despite your best efforts to maintain open, honest communication with workers, there is always room for improvement. By requesting feedback, you can learn from your employees and find ways to bolster communication across your team.

Implement employee feedback right away, too. The sooner you implement employee feedback, the sooner you can see the results of your changes. As such, you can leverage employee feedback to find ways to optimize workplace communication now and in the future.

The Bottom Line on Improving Your Communication Skills

Communication can dictate your company's success. If you prioritize the continuous improvement of your communication skills, you can foster loyalty across your workforce. Also, you can create an engaging work culture that helps your business attract and retain top talent. Ascend Staffing offers custom staffing solutions to help you identify and attract top talent as well. We make it simple to add temporary or permanent staff members who can take your business to the next level. To learn more, please contact us today.

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