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How to Find Top Pickers and Packers

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Your warehouse or distribution center needs top pickers and packers — and you need to plan accordingly. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to identify quality pickers and packers. Plus, you can do your part to keep these workers happy now and in the future.

Here are five tips to help you identify exceptional pickers and packers.

1. Take Advantage of Employee Referrals

Implement an employee referral program for pickers and packers. This program lets you offer incentives to workers who refer job candidates to your business. As workers capitalize on your program, you can identify top pickers and packers. In addition, these new hires are likely to feel great about your business. This is because your new hires will be able to work with people they already know.

2. Craft Detailed Job Descriptions

Explain what you want to find in your ideal pickers and packers in your job descriptions. Ensure anyone who reads a picker and packer job description knows what you expect from someone who accepts this role. Furthermore, outline the day-to-day duties, salary, and other aspects of the position. This helps job seekers make an informed decision about whether a picker or packer role with your company matches their expectations.

3. Conduct In-Depth Job Interviews

Reach out to any job candidate who may be a good fit for a picker or packer role. Then, you can conduct an interview to assess a candidate's skills and experience. Each interview gives you a chance to learn about a candidate and why they want to join your business. At the same time, an interview lets a candidate know about your business and what you have to offer. If you perform an interview and believe a candidate is a terrific choice to fill a picker or packer role, do not wait to hire them, too.

4. Offer a Wide Range of Benefits

Along with a competitive salary, provide picker and packer job candidates with myriad benefits. If possible, offer health insurance and other medical benefits to pickers and packers. Moreover, you can offer flexible work schedules and other perks that your industry rivals may struggle to match.

5. Collaborate with a Professional Staffing Agency

Partner with a professional staffing agency that can help you quickly identify and recruit top pickers and packers. The agency will learn about your business and who it wants to hire. From here, professional recruiters can work diligently on your company's behalf. These recruiters can put you in touch with outstanding candidates to fill picker and packer roles. They can offer tips, recommendations, and insights to ensure you can also streamline the onboarding process.

Add Top Pickers and Packers to Your Team

Ascend Staffing is a staffing firm that can help you fill picker and packer roles across your operations. Our team takes the guesswork out of picker and packer recruitment and is here to assist you in any way we can. For more information about our talent recruitment services, please contact us today.


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