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How to Help Your Team Set and Achieve Career Goals in 2021

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Your team performed well in 2020, even in the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Each team member played a key role in your business' success throughout 2020. At the same time, your employees made progress toward achieving their career goals — and you want to help each worker stay on course as they try to accomplish their career aspirations in 2021.

There are several things you can do to help your team set and achieve career goals in 2021, such as:

1. Invest in Your Team

Give your employees opportunities to learn and grow with your company. By offering training programs and other learning opportunities, you can help team members gain the skills they need to thrive in any role.

Ask your employees what they want to learn and what they want to accomplish in their careers. Then, you can develop and implement classes, tutorials, and other learning programs tailored to your team. You can also continuously collect feedback from your team, so you can verify that each team member remains on the best path to accelerate their career growth.

2. Discuss Short- and Long-Term Career Aspirations

Your business has short- and long-term goals, and much in the same vein, each team member should establish short- and long-term career aspirations. That way, team members can determine what they want to do in their career and plan accordingly.

Encourage workers to create short- and long-term career goals. To do so, you can offer employees time and resources that they can use for career planning. You can provide workers with myriad opportunities to connect with you and brainstorm ways to build a successful career, too.

3. Establish Career Milestones

Career goals alone are insufficient. Instead, employees should create career goals and determine the steps they need to make their aspirations come true. They can then follow a clearly defined path to move their careers forward.

Furthermore, workers should create career milestones in conjunction with their career goals. Each milestone represents a major accomplishment and should be recognized appropriately. Because, every time a team member achieves a career milestone, he or she is moving one step closer to making their dream career a reality.

4. Provide Ongoing Support

It can be tough to establish career goals and maintain a path to accomplish them. However, if you offer support to employees as they pursue their career aspirations, you can help these workers overcome any hurdles they encounter along the way.

Serve as a listening ear and respond to any concerns or questions you have from your employees as they try to accomplish their career goals. You can also keep employees about learning opportunities or jobs that come along that align with their career aspirations. In doing so, you can provide a helping hand to employees as they accomplish their career goals.

Accomplish Your Business Goals in 2021 with Help from Ascend Staffing

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