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How to Stop Scaring Off Top Job Candidates

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

You want top job candidates to join your company. Yet, you consistently find that your company misses the mark as it seeks out exceptional candidates.

Ultimately, you may inadvertently scare off top job candidates from roles with your company. There are many talent recruitment mistakes that companies make as they try to improve their teams. These mistakes include:

1. Keeping Top Job Candidates Waiting for Interviews

A job interview provides immense value. First, the interview allows you to discuss a role with a candidate and find out if they are a good fit. Also, the meeting allows a candidate to learn about your company and what your business is all about. If the interview goes well, it may be the start of a successful relationship.

Conversely, a job interview can be problematic if you keep a candidate waiting for an extended period of time. During this period, the candidate may become frustrated. It may even reach a point where they leave before you conduct your interview.

Do everything in your power to start job interviews on schedule. If you are running late, contact a candidate to let them know. In this instance, apologize to the candidate as well. Remember, a candidate's time is valuable. Ensure you are prompt for interviews. And, you can boost the likelihood that quality candidates will want to join your company.

2. Failing to Learn About a Job Candidate

It is a company's responsibility to learn about a job candidate before requesting an interview. However, if an interviewer learns about a candidate on the fly, it makes a poor impression.

In the scenario mentioned above, an interviewer can come across as unprepared. The result: a candidate is unlikely to have a favorable view of a business. Even worse, the candidate will look elsewhere for career opportunities at other companies.

Before a job interview, learn as much as possible about a candidate. Review the candidate's resume, cover letter, and other application materials. Next, make a list of questions for this candidate. With a personalized list of interview questions, you can get the information you need to assess a candidate. Plus, you can show the candidate you dedicated the time, energy, and resources necessary to learn about them before their interview.

3. Bragging About Your Business

You are proud of your company and what it has accomplished to date. On the other hand, a job interview is a learning experience for both you and a candidate. And, you need to ensure the candidate can get a clear picture of your business.

It helps to find out what a candidate knows about your company at the beginning of a job interview. This ensures you can provide them with relevant information about your company.

Lastly, make an interview primarily about the candidate. Give them ample time to discuss their qualifications. From here, you can gain insights into a candidate and if they can succeed in a role at your business.

Find Top Job Candidates Today

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