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The Importance of Company Culture and How it Motivates Your Employees

Updated: May 22

Here’s how a positive company culture helps to motivate your employees:

It provides security and stability.  When employees enjoy a positive, affirming company culture, they tend to stick around longer. While pay and benefits are important factors in retaining employees, the work environment itself is also crucial. Plus, when other employees see their colleagues established in positions over the course of many years and can see a path for themselves to do the same, they’re motivated to do their best work, day in and day out.

It helps employees feel a sense of belonging. Regardless of industry or specialty, the work your employees do is almost always done as part of a team. Employees don’t want to feel like they’re isolated or work on their own island, separated from their peers (that goes for remote work environments, too!). A positive company culture in which everyone is lifted up and included helps every employee to feel that they belong – and that’s a powerful motivation tool. Employees who feel that they’re valued and included members of the group are much more likely to enjoy what they do every day.

It helps employees grow and develop.  Part of positive company culture is providing opportunities for growth and advancement. Whether that means a promotion or learning new skills, earning advanced certifications, or becoming a mentor, employees want to know that they have a chance to grow the more time they spend with your company. One of the most powerful motivators you can provide is the opportunity to do just that. 

It promotes wellness. Another reason that great company cultures keep employees motivated is that great company culture equals health and wellness. And that doesn’t have to mean a gym membership or wellness stipend included in your benefits package, although it certainly can. The truth is that a positive work environment means less stress, lower rates of burnout, and lower turnover. For your employees, that equals positive mental well-being and overall wellness.

Motivate Your Employees with Great Culture A positive company culture means happy, motivated, and successful employees. If you’re looking for assistance finding the people who fit into your culture, Ascend Staffing can help. To learn more about our talent recruitment services and to get in touch with a member of team, contact us today.


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