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To Mandate or Not to Mandate: The Arguments For and Against Vaccine Mandates

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Despite a certain degree of normality that’s managed to return to public life over the past six months, the pandemic is still ongoing and shows no clear end in sight. While the vaccine rollouts have allowed a sense of ease for many, cases have continued to mount on a regular basis, and many have accepted this to be the new normal for the foreseeable future. Vaccines, along with a desire from many businesses to return to pre-pandemic workforce initiatives, has led to a mandate from many companies to require their employees be fully vaccinated in order to keep their jobs.

Coupling this is a nationwide mandate from President Biden, who signed an executive order requiring federal employees to get fully vaccinated. While many see this as a positive step in curving the pandemic by reaching the herd immunity threshold, there are many who don’t see eye to eye with this call to action by the president. Here are the pros and cons that employees have brought up.

Vaccine Mandate Pros

              Those who support the mandate have argued that the vaccine has been proven safe as CDC has officially approved it. In addition to this, supporters also argue that a vaccine requirement will allow for a safer work environment and help many of the employees to feel more comfortable knowing the virus is less likely to spread.  Supporters have also pointed out that there is legal precedent for requiring vaccination status as elementary schools require students get medical shots; supporters see this as no different from that scenario.

Vaccine Mandate Cons

              Those against the mandate have argued that requiring a vaccination infringes on individual liberties by forcing them to take a vaccine, sometimes against their religious views. Detractors also show skepticism of the true efficiency of the vaccine due to how quickly it was manufactured, as well as some health issues that may come from taking it in some cases. Some point to the “slippery slope” of what could be required in the future if vaccine mandates took effect now.


              Regardless of where someone lands on the issue, certain employees will inevitably quit based on either decision that is ultimately implemented. Many in favor of the vaccine mandate will quit should the mandate not go in place, and the same is true for the opposition if the mandate is instituted. In some ways, it’s a lose-lose situation, but those in power will need to weigh both sides of the argument to decide what is the best decision overall.



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