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Ways You Can Help Your Employees’ Mental Health

Updated: 3 days ago

In today’s workplace, the focus on mental health is sharper than ever. The best employers prioritize their employees’ mental health because they know it has a direct impact on culture, retention, and productivity. But benefiting your employees’ mental health is about more than creating a welcoming break room or providing free snacks. How do you go about doing this in the right way?

Here are a few suggestions for helping your employees’ mental health:

Regulate employees’ workloads.

A big strain on any employee’s mental health is an overload of work. Regulating the workload is essential for ensuring the good mental health of any staff member. This goes for entry-level employees to upper management – no matter the position or level, your company should have a structure in place that ensures no one gets burnt out from overworking.

Allow flexible scheduling.

Today, flexible scheduling isn’t just a perk. Employees expect it – and it’s a great way to make sure employees enjoy a good work-life balance and don’t put a strain on their mental well-being. Whether you implement a fully remote option or a hybrid schedule, where employees work in-office certain days of the week and from home on the others, giving employees flexibility in this way is very important.

Build breaks into the workday.

Taking a break is essential for anyone’s well-being. Building breaks into your scheduling process allows employees to step away from their work, giving the brain and body a chance to rest. Breaks are also important, of course, for meals and exercise. Whether it’s a formal lunch break or smaller time chunks scattered throughout the work day, plan breaks for your employees to make sure their mental health stays in check.

Make employees aware of mental health resources.

Your employees might not be aware of the mental health resources at their disposal unless you make it crystal clear. Include language in your employee handbook about the resources you provide for mental health; send reminders regularly; hang up flyers in the break room. Employees can’t take advantage of the resources at their disposal if they don’t know about them. 

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