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What to Look for in an Executive Assistant

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

You want to hire an executive assistant who can handle everyday tasks with poise and ease. To accomplish your goal, you may search long and hard for the ideal assistant. Yet, without a plan to guide your search, you're ill-equipped to achieve your desired result.

When it comes to hiring an executive assistant, you need to look for certain qualities. In doing so, you can streamline your search for the right assistant. Best of all, you can identify and hire an assistant who helps you thrive.

8 Qualities to Look for in an Executive Assistant

Here are eight qualities to consider as you assess executive assistant candidates.

1. Organized

Your assistant should have no trouble staying on track with everyday tasks. In fact, your assistant can provide tips, guidance, and insights to help you remain on course with work activities and projects, too.

2. Resourceful

It pays to have an assistant on hand who won't necessarily settle for the status quo. Because this assistant will do what's necessary to solve problems in any way possible. The assistant will embrace challenges. And, he or she will go above and beyond the call of duty to find innovative ways to address any obstacles that arise.

3. Value-Oriented

Choose an assistant who wants to learn about your company's values. This assistant will take these values to heart. As a result, he or she will highlight what your company is all about day after day.

4. Technology-Savvy

The best assistants recognize the value of technology. Therefore, these assistants implement technologies to become more productive and efficient than ever before. Plus, they may help you and your colleagues find ways to use technology to your advantage.

5. Goal-Oriented

A top assistant wants to succeed. Thus, the assistant sets goals and determines how to accomplish them. This assistant also does their part to raise the bar for himself or herself and your entire business.

6. Positive Outlook

Work problems can crop up at any time. But, the best assistant maintains a positive outlook, even when things look bleak. The assistant is willing to look at a problem from all angles. Next, he or she can brainstorm ways to resolve the problem. And, the assistant will remain calm, cool, and collected, regardless of the problem.

7. Flexible

Although a top assistant plans ahead, he or she can adjust on the fly. The assistant is flexible, to the point where he or she can seamlessly adapt to any sudden work changes.

8. Open to Feedback

A first-rate assistant wants to learn and find ways to improve. As such, the assistant wants regular feedback. He or she can then use this feedback to transform their weaknesses into strengths. Over time, the feedback can help this assistant become a key contributor within your business.

Want to Hire a Top Executive Assistant? Ascend Staffing Can Help

Ascend Staffing can connect you with a large pool of qualified executive assistant candidates. We make it simple to identify a great executive assistant who can provide immediate and long-lasting support. To find out more, please contact us today.


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