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Administrative Assistant Job Candidates: 7 Questions to Ask

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

You want to conduct a thorough assessment of any administrative assistant job candidates that come your way. To achieve your goal, you need to ask the right questions during the interview process. That way, you can identify the top candidate to fill an administrative assistant role with your business. And, you can move forward in your quest to fill this role and reap the benefits of a quality hire long into the future.

Key Questions to Ask When You Assess Administrative Assistant Job Candidates

It pays to put together interview questions for administrative assistant job candidates. Then, you can use these questions to distinguish qualified candidates from unqualified ones. Plus, you can accelerate your search for the top candidate to serve as an administrative assistant at your company.

Now, let's look at seven important questions to ask administrative assistant job candidates.

1. Why Do You Want to Work Here?

Find out why a candidate wants to join your company. This gives you insights into the research a candidate has done to learn about your business. Plus, it helps you understand what a candidate expects from your company.

2. What Skills Do You Possess That Feel Can Serve You Well at Our Company?

Explore what administrative assistant skills a candidate holds. In doing so, you can learn how a candidate expects to use these skills as an administrative assistant at your company.

3. Can You Describe a Situation in Which You Dealt with a Workplace Conflict? Explain How You Handled the Situation.

Examine how a candidate deals with challenging work situations. Ultimately, an administrative assistant may encounter workplace conflicts. So, you need to find a candidate who displays poise and professionalism if he or she faces such issues.

4. What Do You Enjoy About Administrative Assistant Work?

Learn why a candidate thrives as an administrative assistant. No job is perfect. However, the ideal candidate likely embraces opportunities to perform their best as an administrative assistant.

5. What Has Been Your Greatest Professional Accomplishment Thus Far?

Ask a candidate about their greatest professional accomplishment. This allows you to learn how a candidate has contributed to a successful business. Also, it can show you how far the candidate has come in their career to date.

6. Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

Encourage a candidate to share their career aspirations. Next, you can explain how your company can help them pursue their career goals.

7. What Questions Do You Have for Us?

Give a candidate an opportunity to ask questions about the administrative assistant role and your company. Do not rush a candidate who has questions. Rather, let the candidate learn as much as possible, so he or she can determine if your business is a good fit.

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