What to Not Ask Candidates During a Job Interview

What to Not Ask Candidates During a Job Interview 1

You may host job candidate interviews frequently. Even though you may believe these interviews are going well, you may make mistakes. In fact, you may even be asking questions that you should not ask candidates during interviews. Before a job interview, it pays to plan ahead. That way, you can prepare questions that align with… Read More »

Learn How Potential Employers Responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Female non-clinical hospital worker answering the phone

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic created unprecedented challenges for businesses around the world. Some companies rose to the occasion and found ways to address these challenges. Meanwhile, others struggled in the midst of the pandemic. As a job seeker, it pays to learn how potential employers responded to the pandemic. That way, you can get a… Read More »

The 3 Questions You Need to Ask Candidates During an Interview

Woman sitting in an interview

As an employer, you want to make the most of an interview with a job candidate. Thus, you need to know the right interview questions to ask to get the most value out of this opportunity.   An interview enables you to learn about a candidate’s skills and experience, along with their ability to contribute to your business. But, if you fail… Read More »