This is Your Perfect Job Search Timeline

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While it is common to hear people complain about their jobs, we’d happily counter by saying they have it pretty good. After all, it is usually much better to have a job than not – especially when trying to find gainful employment is a full-time job.

For some, trying to find their next employer is simple and seemingly effortless. For others (and we’d argue most) it can be a long and stressful battle; however, most of that stress seems to come from the uncertainty that spawns from the process. Today, we are hoping to lend some clarity and put your mind at ease for how long it really takes to find a job with this perfect job search timeline.


Search for Openings: Day 1 – Ongoing

Seeing how it is in the name “Job Search,” it should go without saying that some searching will be involved, and in our modern age, that usually takes place on the internet. You first want to determine what type of position you are looking for, and then get in the habit of regularly checking throughout the day – submitting resumes and tailored cover letters as you go.


Resume Submissions: 2 Weeks

By now you should have had enough time to find some openings you are interested and have done your due diligence and submitted your resume. Now what? Sadly, you wait. In most cases, hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes, so this step requires a little patience, but two weeks is typical to hear a response if you’re qualified.


Interview Selection: 1 Week – 1 Month

First of all, congratulations – you got an interview! It doesn’t matter if it is in person or on the phone, what is important is your job search is moving in the right direction. Aside from exercising more patience at this stage, the best thing you can do is prep for your interview (as well as continue your search). Review the job description, learn more about the company, and look online for some tips and tricks to ace your interview.


Post-Interview Information & Feedback Gathering: 1-3 Weeks

The interview is over so now what? You guessed it, more waiting. In some cases, this is the time where your interviewers will contact references, assess you compared to the other applicants, and ultimately decide the next steps. In some cases, especially for more senior roles, this may involve another interview, but if that does happen, you should always be happy. Once again, the more they engage you, the more you are moving in the right direction.


Decline or Offer: 1-3 Weeks

So what has the last to three months been leading to? Either a job offer or a rejection. Once the company has all your info, has met you, and has had the chance to compare you and your qualifications to the other applicants, they will decide whether you are the one for them. Don’t despair if it happens to be a rejection though; if you have been following this timeline, you should have some other opportunities in your pipeline, one of which will likely come to fruition.


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