Attending Your First Job Fair? Here’s What You Need to Know!

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So, you are attending your first job fair? Well, let me start by saying congratulations because while a job fair may lack much of the excitement of the fairs you are likely used to from your childhood, these have a lot more potential for a lot more long-term gain – and fun.


Job fairs are a brilliant place to start and potentially end your job search. That is, assuming you know what to do. For the people who are most successful at job fairs are the ones who are most prepared. Use these five tips to help.


Find out who will be there

Before you commit to going to a job fair, the best advice we can give is to find out who will be there. When you know who will be in attendance, you will be able to plan your time wisely and prioritize who you want to see.


Pack lightly

Are you thinking about bringing a big bag with you? Think again. The key is to pack light. All you need is a folder for your resumes and maybe a bottle of water. The reason being is you want your hands free to shake hands, fill out paperwork, and you don’t want any of that being hindered by shuffling around what looks like carryon luggage.


Dress your best, but be comfortable

Just like with any interview, you always want to dress professionally. However, at a job fair, you also want to factor in comfort into the equation. Wear something light and breathable, check your coat if possible, and comfortable shoes are a must.


Don’t be shy

Even if it is out of character for you, the last thing you want to come across as at a job fair is shy. When you approach potential employers, be friendly, confident, and most of all prepared to introduce yourself.


Know what you’re going to say

Another advantage to knowing who is going to be there ahead of time is that it also allows you to prepare what you are going to say. Don’t have a blanket statement that you use for everyone, if possible, try and find some talking points that are unique to those individual employers. Not only will it show them you are knowledgeable, but it is a great way to make an impression and stand out from the crowd.


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