How to Staff Up for the Summer Season

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Now is a great time to consider your company’s summer staffing needs. That way, you can kick off a search for talented candidates to fill summer roles across your business — and put your company in a position for a successful summer.  

To staff up for summer, here’s what you need to do: 

1. Find Local Candidates 

Local candidates won’t have to commute far to work for your company. Plus, these candidates reside in the area, so they may be able to assist your company in summertime and beyond.  

It often helps to attend local job fairs and community events to identify quality candidates in your city or town. In addition, use community websites to share details about your summertime job opportunity.  

2. Establish Criteria for a Summer Role 

You know you need to staff up for summer, but you also need to consider how summertime employees will contribute to your company. In doing so, you can create a job description that highlights your business’s summertime needs.  

With criteria for a summer role in place, you can give prospective job candidates a good idea about what to expect if they join your company. Best of all, you can show these candidates what your company is all about and accelerate the hiring process.  

3. Conduct In-Depth Interviews 

You may be hiring employees exclusively for the summer, but there is still no reason to settle for anything less than exceptional job candidates. So, you must vet job candidates properly and perform comprehensive interviews to find the best applicants.  

A phone interview provides a great starting point to learn about a candidate who may fill a summer role. If the candidate seems like a potential fit after the phone call, a face-to-face interview offers an excellent follow-up. Don’t forget to request professional references and reach out to them during your evaluation of a candidate, too.  

4. Partner with a Job Staffing Agency 

Your company is slammed with work year-round, and finding summer employees may prove to be a time-intensive and costly process. As such, you may need a helping hand to ensure you can quickly identify top candidates for summer roles.  

A job staffing agency offers extensive talent recruitment support. If you need summertime employees, a staffing agency works with you to find exceptional candidates as quickly as possible. Also, a staffing agency helps you publish your summertime job listing, share it with potential candidates, and ensure your company can recruit top talent at any time.  

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