5 Ways to Effectively Use Your Talent Pipeline

worker sitting against a wall in a line

Whether it is for a seasonal upturn in demand or simply the natural growth of the organization, one of the biggest hurdles a manager will face is trying to find a steady flow of talent. And while working with a staffing agency is always an ideal way to ensure you have the workers you need… Read More »

4 Important Skills to Have as an Administrative Assistant

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Unquestionably, one of the most critical roles in top-performing companies across industries, is also one of the most underrated, underappreciated, and misunderstood – the administrative assistant. Why they can go by many names, the administrative assistant does much more than answer the phone and greet guests upon their arrival. Instead, these born multitaskers are the… Read More »

4 Ways to Have a Solid Work-Life Balance

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Unless you are among a privileged few in this world, chances are you’re going to have to work for a living. And while this is in truth, the reality for about 99% of us, it is by no means a dreary forecast.  One of the most important things to remember throughout your entire career is… Read More »

4 Ways to Make a Job More Appealing

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You can ask any hiring manager, and they will tell you that finding good people to do honest work is easier said than done. However, while most would agree that finding the right person for your average job is hard, trying to find someone to do a less than desirable or boring job can be downright impossible. … Read More »

6 Safety Tips for Forklift Operators

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For many organizations in dozens of industries, forklifts and the people who operate them are the lifeblood of what they do. However, it is also important to note that forklifts can weigh more than three tons, reach a speed of 10 mph, and can do a lot of damage if not handled properly. Which is… Read More »

6 Ways to Boost Employee Satisfaction

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Are your employees happy? Satisfied? Engaged? While it is nearly impossible to be all these things all the time, taking into account the state of mind of your employees is crucial for success. Why might you ask? Well, according to some Gallop research, employee disengagement costs the United States upwards of $550 billion a year… Read More »

Don’t Scare Off Your Potential Employers with these Interview Red Flags

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Trying to find a job is not an easy process. You have to scour the internet looking for openings, make sure your resume and cover letter are pristine, send the aforementioned to dozens if not hundreds of potential employers – and that’s just the start! Hopefully, after all those submissions, you get a few callbacks.… Read More »

Ascend Staffing Makes the Inc. 5000

Ascend Staffing Makes the Inc. 5000 1

Inc. magazine revealed that Ascend Staffing is No. 4541 on its annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. … Read More »

Most Common Office Administrator Interview Questions

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They may go by different names – administrative assistant, office assistant, executive assistant and more, but no matter what you chose to call them, organizations of all sizes and in nearly every industry are utilizing the benefits of an office administrator.  Answering phones, maintaining records, keeping track of schedules and appointments, organizing company events, and… Read More »

How to Avoid a Bad Hire

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If you are looking to strike fear and dread into the hearts of hiring managers, talent acquisition and HR professionals, you need only say two words – bad hire.  A bad hire can be classified as an employee who ends up being a poor fit for the organization or is unsatisfactory at the job they… Read More »